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Mini Manicure        30 mins       £13

Nails are shaped, filed and polish applied.

Spa Manicure       60 mins       £25

Nails are shaped and filed. Cuticles are worked on. Then enjoy an arm and hand massage before polish is applied.

Luxury Manicure      75 mins       £30

All the same as a spa manicure but for extra indulgence you will enjoy an exfoliating scrub and a moisturising hand masque with heated mittens.

Mini Pedicure       30 mins        £13

Nails are shaped, filed and polish applied.

Spa Pedicure       60 mins         £27

Feet are treated to a relaxing foot soak, the nails are filed and cuticles are worked on, then enjoy a relaxing foot and lower leg massage before polish is applied.

Luxury Pedicure      90 mins      £32

All the same as a spa pedicure but for added indulgence you will enjoy an exfoliating foot scrub and moisturising foot masque with heated mittens.

Add Ons

You can add on any of these finishes to your chosen treatment to customise to your needs:

French Polish £2

Minx Foil £8

Shellac £5

Nail Art from £1

Swarovski Crystals 20p each

Shellac Pedicure/Manicure   50 mins        Colour £24    French £25

Shellac is a gel polish hybrid which dries instantly after application. It comes in a range of colours and is chip free and lasts 2 weeks. Nails are filed and shaped and cuticles are worked on before shellac is applied.

Shellac Rockstar Glitter Manicure/Pedicure     60mins            £26.50

Just the same as our Shellac manicure but an intense glitter is used to give it a bright sparkle.


Smart Polish Manicure/Pedicure    20mins      £15

This is a one-step gel polish requiring no base or top coat resulting in a super fast application with a glossy finish which is dry instantly. stunning nails made simple, perfect for girls on the go. Nails are filed and shaped, cuticles tidied before polish application.

Swarovski Crystal Pedicure

The entire nail is covered in genuine Swarovski crystals lasting up to 6 weeks. Maintenance appointments are available to top up lost crystals.

All Nails £65

Big Toe on each foot £30


Minx nails are a foil overlay coming in many designs or effects and dry instantly after application, lasting 4 weeks on feet and 1 week on hands

Nails   £30    60mins

Feet   £28    45mins